Sylvain died on 17 July 1996. He was a passenger on the TWA 800 flight. He was only 35 years old.

The first version of this site was born in December 1996, a few months after its tragic disappearance. The initial objective of this site is to present, as interactively as possible, all the exhibitions (Paris, New York, Tokyo, ...) and the works that Sylvain made during his Short career described in his biography. I wish that this site helps to make known the work of Sylvain, and also serves as a meeting point for his relatives and admirers. I have recently added photos and elements (letters, testimonials) that allow us to better understand his approach. All the documents available to you will find their place here. Do not hesitate to propose them.
A few years ago, Hana, her daughter, asked me how many works Sylvain had done. A quick estimate led me to announce the number of 4000. The reality is undoubtedly superior.

Visitors will find here a retrospective selection of his works (paintings, engravings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, installations, ...), some sketches, photographs, testimonials, articles of press, ...

Sylvain was passionate about the technical innovations in which I was immersed due to my training (electronics engineer), and the sector in which I practice my profession (computer science and telecommunications). When I was a student, I took pictures of his works and his portraits as a basis for his paintings; Later we switched to the 16mm film then to the video. I have preserved a considerable quantity of documents which make it possible to follow, and in part to understand, the evolution of its creative force. These documents are the basis of this site.

Sylvain, who was fascinated by multimedia art, would have been fascinated by the incredible possibilities offered by the Internet. This site, although too different from what it would have been with its influence, is obviously dedicated to him

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